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A Love Letter to the Royals

Yesterday, at the halfway point of October, I left work early, headed to the closest watering hole, ordered a beer, and sat down by myself at the bar to watch the Royals. 

My friend Regina arrived at the top of the 9th, where the Royals promptly got three outs; the bar then erupted in a chant of “Let’s Go Royals!” and ”We are the Champions” started playing on the jukebox.

Nothing about what I just wrote seems logical, but it all actually happened. 

I know that baseball is the true American sport.  I grew up playing catch in the front yard.  I like to tailgate and go to a Royals game or two every year.  But I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan.  Games are too long for my taste.  My ADHD kicks in after about two hours.  When I was married I couldn’t understand how my then-husband could enjoy watching every game on TV. 

But this team?  This postseason team? They’re DIFFERENT.  They are fun to watch.  They’ve given an entire city a reason to come together, to make friends with random strangers at the bar, to believe again in a World Series run after a loooong 29 year drought.

Hosmer and teammates buying rounds for the entire bar at McFadden’s after they won the ALDS.

Billy Butler - a player with the nickname Country Breakfast - stealing second base.  (That’s what speed do.)

The ‘cluck!’ of home runs being hit in extra innings.

The Kansas City Police Department trash talking on Twitter with the Baltimore PD.

Moustakas diving into the dugout seats to catch a foul ball.

Orioles fans getting butt hurt at Guthrie’s These O’s Ain’t Royal t-shirt.  (There’s no crying in baseball, O’s fans!!)

Lorenzo Cain catching pretty much everything within striking distance of the outfield and winning MVP of the ALCS.

Paul Rudd inviting fans over to his mom’s house for a kegger.

A record 8 straight post season wins.

Is this real life?  Yes.  Yes it is. 

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Frost on the Pumpkin - a delicious frozen pumpkin spice latte concoction at Hi Hat Coffee.

Frost on the Pumpkin - a delicious frozen pumpkin spice latte concoction at Hi Hat Coffee.

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In a 2011 paper based on the doctoral dissertation of his student Kari Bruursema, Professor Spector and his co-authors found that the stress of boredom can lead to counterproductive work behavior, like calling in sick, taking long breaks, spending time on the Internet for nonwork-related reasons, gossiping about colleagues, playing practical jokes or even stealing. While most workers engage in some of these activities at times, the bored employee does it far more frequently, he said.

Source: The Contrarians on Stress: It Can Be Good for You, NYTimes